Draft Sheriff Clarke Campaign Launched

A North Carolina lawyer, Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman and a former Louisiana state lawmaker are among those behind an effort to draft Clarke to run for the U.S. Senate in 2018.

Attorney Jack Daly is listed as the committee’s national chairman. His bio describes him as a fundraiser for Trump and the RNC, Army vet, and a former congressional aide. He wrote in an email the Sheriff David Clarke for U.S. Senate (Official Draft Committee) is both a draft committee and a super PAC.

The site includes an appeal to Clarke that duty summons him to “save the United States Senate.”

“You can bring to the U.S. Senate what it presently lacks most of all: the political testosterone to do the right thing,” the appeal reads.

Daly also provided WisPolitics.com an email he says he sent through the committee. In it, Daly decries “black thugs” he says brutalized his son for supporting Trump and “roving mobs of black youths who have been trashing malls across the country.” He wrote Clarke won’t back down “to the Left or to the failed and gutless GOP leadership when necessary” and insists the sheriff is willing to run. But Daly “can’t tell all I know.”

Source: WisPolitics