From Sheriff to Asst. Secretary to U.S. Senator!
As many of us have been speculating and hoping might happen for some months now (and as we ourselves referenced in a Facebook posting several weeks ago), Sheriff David Clarke has officially announced that he will be leaving his position as Milwaukee County Sheriff and accepting an appointment as an Assistant Secretary in the Department of Homeland Security.

On a personal level, we congratulate the Sheriff wholeheartedly for finally receiving the national recognition and prestigious appointment he has rightfully earned. After 40 years of exemplary service, it is long overdue.

To the liberals already shamelessly claiming this action by the Trump administration is merely an attempt to further groom Sheriff Clarke for his run against extremist Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), we say nothing could be further from the truth.

David Clarke’s appointment was earned, not given. Yes, the national prestige this will confer upon him is significant, and yes, it will increase his viability as a challenger to Tammy Baldwin in the Senate election whose filing period opens over a year from now. There is no denying that. Senator Elizabeth Warren used her 10 months in such a national appointment as the stepping stone for her own successful Senate run, and from the Republican side, his appointment as HUD Secretary took Mel Martinez from a county official in Florida to the United States Senate.

Will Sheriff Clarke benefit politically from this? Of course. But Sheriff Clarke earned this recognition through decades of service as first a cop, then a law enforcement executive, and more recently as a true national spokesman for the interests of law enforcement officers everywhere in America — during a time of intense and often ridiculous national scrutiny.

Sheriff Clarke stood up for law enforcement (and exposed himself to white hot political heat) at a time when few were willing to do so — when most headed for cover as Black Lives Matter mobs burned and trashed and looted their way across America, and insidious race baiters fanned the flames of racial discord, disparaging all who disagreed. If his courageous actions in standing against such chaos and hate worked in his favor in being offered this DHS appointment, so much the better. There is nothing untoward about such recognition.

We look forward to even more public commentary from the Sheriff in his new position in Washington, D.C. Beyond question he has more wisdom to share.

On a political level, we further celebrate that this appointment removes the Sheriff from the caustic, hyper-political atmosphere that presently holds sway in Milwaukee, courtesy of a ravenous pool of liberals in government and the media who shamelessly try to turn every daily event in Milwaukee into a claim that the Sheriff has tortured someone to death, or conspired with Russians, or ripped some poor Latino baby out of his mother’s arms.

The Sheriff will not say it, but we will: good riddance to the acidic political cesspool the liberals have turned Milwaukee into. The June 2018 filing period cannot come fast enough.
Jack W. Daly
National Chairman
Sheriff David Clarke for U.S. Senate (Official Draft Campaign)