An Urgent Message from
National Chairman Jack Daly!
Dear Fellow Conservative:
By now you’ve heard about the young black thugs who viciously attacked and brutalized my teenaged son because he expressed support for Donald Trump
These dreadlock-wearing punks shrieked “F*** Donald Trump” in this gentle boy’s face over and over again as they cornered him, and cast repeated insults about white Americans.
Barack Obama has many blacks, Muslims, and illegal aliens feeling they have the right to attack Trump supporters, cops, businesses, white kids — anything and anybody — without going to jail or getting deported.
“Black Lives Matter” mobs chant, “What do we want?  Dead cops!  When do we want them?  Now!” 
So in New York, Muslim radicals bashed cops in the head with hatchets and meat cleavers.  Hordes of black thugs, vandals, and looters trashed Baltimore, Charlotte, and Milwaukee.  Black Nationalist snipers stalked and murdered five cops in Dallas and shot six in Baton Rouge.  It’s anarchy.
I’m sick of it, and I’ve decided to do something about it.  My wife and I have launched the National Campaign to lay the groundwork for SHERIFF DAVID CLARKE to run for the United States Senate in Wisconsin to replace Left-wing lesbian extremist Tammy Baldwin!
If you’re with me, please sign the Official Sheriff Clarke for Senate Pledge.  The Sheriff needs to know you’re a supporter — and we need to know you’re with us.
Milwaukee’s conservative black Sheriff CORRECTLY says “BLACK LIVES MATTER” is a terrorist movement, a hate group, and calls it “Black LIES Matter.”
Sheriff Clarke serves on two NRA committees and infuriated the gun grabbers by airing radio ads telling the citizens of Milwaukee to arm themselves against criminals so they can fight back when the cops aren’t around.
Fourteen years ago Sheriff Clarke was already calling liberal black state legislators “race hustlers and demagogues” for claiming white racism was the cause of poverty and crime in Milwaukee’s black ghettos.  He called Al Sharpton a “charlatan,” and said he “should shut up and go back into the gutter.”
Those roving mobs of black youths who have been trashing malls across the country?  “These kids are unsocialized misfits.  A pack of runaway dogs behaves better.”
He had this advice for the new House Speaker and Senate Majority Leader: “Get it done, dammit.  We’ve waited long enough.  Note to Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell: Go big, go bold, go fast.  The disconnect in DC with GOP and voters: McConnell thinks the goal is to move cautiously.  WE VOTED FOR THEM TO GO BIG & BOLD.”

At the DeploraBall inauguration gala, Sheriff Clarke said: "I am one of those bare-knuckle fighters. When I hear people say we need to reach across the aisle and work with the Democrats, you know what I say? The only reason I’ll be reaching across the aisle is to grab one of them by the throat.”

Does your Senator talk like that?  Does he urge black voters to “leave the Democrat plantation”?  Does he or she say, “I’m tired of this race card thing”?
Does he publicly thrash Hillary Clinton for her support of Planned Parenthood, or tweet, “Mrs. Bill Clinton has no moral compass. Will lie, cheat, steal to accomplish her pursuits”?
Does your Senator post this on Facebook? “Islam: Don't Try to Understand 'Sick Ideology' of Islamism; Destroy It.”
Does your Senator call the failed public schools incubators for future criminals, and condemn affirmative action programs that keep whites and Asians out of our better colleges and universities?
NO!  Your Senator does NOT speak like that, because nobody in Washington does.
Let’s start working TODAY to get us one who does — Sheriff David Clarke.
Please sign the Official Sheriff Clarke for Senate Pledge and join our campaign today!  My goal is to deliver your pledge and 30,000 more to Sheriff Clarke within the next 30 days.
David is willing to run: he just has to know that he has enough national support to combat the LGBTQ money his opponent will get from Hollywood and elsewhere.  Tammy Baldwin is their Holy Grail: a hard left, openly lesbian, in-your-face, screaming liberal.  SHE MUST GO!
Clarke was born and has lived his entire life in Milwaukee County — raised in a godly home by a stay-at-home mother and a father who was a combat veteran of the Korean War.  A devout Christian who attended a Catholic high school, Clarke carries a prayer book and pocket-sized U.S. Constitution at all times.
In speeches he quotes Judge Robert Bork and Thomas Sowell.  He patrols Milwaukee on horseback, and lists his heroes as Justice Scalia, Clarence Thomas, President Reagan, and John Wayne.  He tells Trump rallies, “You guys know I don’t take no crap from the Left, and I’ll get my knuckles bloody when I have to.”
I love this man!  How can you not?  Rush and Hannity and Coulter love him, and Mark Levin says he should be President!
David’s own love and concern for black youth in the ghettos of Milwaukee and elsewhere cannot be doubted, and he knows where criminals and ghettos come from:  “When there are no fathers around to shape a young black boy’s behavior,” he tweeted, “he grows up an unsocialized misfit that cops have to deal with aggressively.  The damage modern liberalism and the Democrat Party have done to the black family is unforgivable.”
That’s the truth.  We all know it.  But it seems only David Clarke has the guts to say it.
And yet this loving and courageous man faces constant attacks by vulgar liberals offended that he does not stay on the plantation. 
All black conservatives hear it.  He’s an Uncle Tom.  A self-loather.  Traitor to his race.  “The acceptable Negro for white[s],” as Milwaukee Magazine put it.
But I’m confident Sheriff Clarke is willing to withstand the slimy trash-talking and the death threats and all the rest, so long as he knows you and I will stand with him!  Sign the OFFICIAL SHERIFF CLARKE FOR SENATE PLEDGE today, and let us add your name to the Official Draft Campaign.
We can’t afford to squander this incredible opportunity to turn a senate seat from radical leftist Democrat to constitutional conservative Republican.
David Clarke is a man who will not back down to the Left or to the failed and gutless GOP leadership when necessary (and sadly, it is often necessary).
THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT WE CONSERVATIVES HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!  Someone who will actually do what he says.  A man immunized against Potomac fever.
Take it from me, a lawyer who used to work in Washington on the Senate Judiciary Committee (and elsewhere), that kind of elected official is few and far between.
David is willing to run.  I can’t tell all I know, but when Breitbart News asked about higher office, he said, “Leadership’s a calling, and if something should come along, I’d take a look at it.”
At the NRA convention he teased us by saying with a big grin, “I’m not running for any higher office … [pregnant pause] … yet.”  Would he consider a cabinet appointment?  “[I]f the President asks you to serve, you step up to fulfill that duty.” 
This is a man chomping at the bit for a bigger stage.
He campaigned all over the country for Trump, spoke at the national convention, and guest hosted for Hannity and Glenn Beck.  He’s all over radio and especially Fox News.
Now he’s planning a nationwide book tour promoting his soon-to-be best-selling book, Cop Under Fire: Moving Beyond Hashtags for Race, Crime and Politics for a Better America.  He even has a membership at the National Republican Congressional Club on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. 
My friend, you are not naive, and David Clarke isn’t either.  He is open to this run, and I know we can convince him to do it if enough people sign the Official Sheriff Clarke for Senate Pledge to show him he has local AND national support.
David knows how fragile our 52-seat margin is in the Senate, and he knows it includes unreliable RINOs.  He knows his country needs him.  He also knows he can win this thing.
Wisconsin has a Republican Governor, and Republicans control both houses of the legislature.  It just re-elected Republican U.S. Senator Ron Johnson, and stunned the so-called experts by voting convincingly for Donald Trump. 
There are only two state-wide Democrats left: a 76 year-old Secretary of State first elected in 1974, and Tammy Baldwin.
Milwaukee County (David’s home) is the state’s most populous by far.  It has 70% of the state’s black voters, and votes horribly liberal.  Trump got only 29% of the vote there, and still won the state.
Well, Sheriff Clarke has carried that horribly liberal county FOUR consecutive times, most recently capturing an astounding 79% of the vote.  That’s right: Trump got 29% in the largest county, which Clarke carried by 79% (in part because he’s a life-long resident who gets thousands of votes no white Republican can).
Yeah, he’s got a shot. 
This is a golden opportunity, my friend, and David Clarke is, for us conservatives, a golden unicorn.  The perfect man at the perfect time.
How sweet would it be for a black John Wayne to take out a screaming lesbian extremist with control of the Senate up for grabs?
Senator Johnson (R-Wisconsin) spent 9 million dollars of his own money getting elected.  A cop for 38 years, David Clarke can do no such thing.
So we have to do it for him.  You and I, and all of the many other David Clarke fans across this country.
Sheriff Clarke ends all of his PSA radio spots with these five words: “Can I count on you?”
Well, can he?  Will you sign the OFFICIAL SHERIFF CLARKE FOR SENATE PLEDGE?  Will you become a member of the Draft Campaign by making a contribution to the Draft Sheriff Clarke for Senate committee?
Think of all he has done for you and what you believe in on his own, without your support.  But now he needs us, and it’s time to pay him back.
For those blessed with wealth, a gift of $2,700 could pay for producing a TV ad.
A gift of $1,000, $500, $250, or even $100 pays to air several radio ads in support of Sheriff Clarke.
A donation of $50 prints 1,650 of the pledges … and $30 would pay for 648 Sheriff Clarke bumper stickers.
At least take the Sheriff Clarke for Senate Pledge today so we can show Sheriff Clarke that you stand with him.  Thank you and may God bless you.
For the Rule of Law,
Jack W. Daly, Esq.
National Chairman, Sheriff Clarke for Senate; U.S. Army Veteran; Attorney; f'mr Congressional Chief of Staff, Advisor to Secretary Elaine Chao, House leadership office Communications Director during Conference Chairman Mike Pence's tenure, and Counsel to Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Jeff Sessions
P.S. When black thugs beat up our son for supporting Trump, my wife and I knew we had to do something.  We’re donating our time and money because we need a leader like Sheriff Clarke in the U.S. Senate ... not a “Black Lives Matter” radical like Leftist Senator Tammy Baldwin.  Please become a member of the Draft Campaign by making a donation and signing the SHERIFF CLARKE FOR SENATE PLEDGE
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Draft Sheriff Clarke for Senate
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Pinehurst, NC 28374

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PHONE: 1-872-267-2018 (1-USA-COP-2018)