Sheriff Clarke for Senate Website

With his growing national profile, it’s almost a guarantee that Sheriff David Clarke – last seen on Facebook threatening, via meme, to kill a man who apparently shook his head at him on an airplane – will run for higher office at some point. And now a step in that direction has been found on Reddit: a “Sheriff Clarke for Senate” website, founded by some surprising names.

You know what, not really that surprising.

According to a WISN 12 report, the official “Sheriff Clarke for Senate” draft campaign was created last Tuesday, started by a nine-person advisory board, including Trump campaign fundraisers and surrogates Jack and Kay Daly, actor Nick Searcy (“Justified,” that Nicholas Sparks movie with Miley Cyrus) and former Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory.

Oh, and Dog the Bounty Hunter (real name: Duane Chapman) and his wife, Beth Chapman.

According to the site’s “Who We Are” section, the group’s goal is “a commitment to the conservative movement, and to putting in place those things necessary to cause Milwaukee Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr. to file for the Republican nomination for the United States Senate, and to defeat liberal extremist Tammy Baldwin in November of 2018.” In case that’s not convincing enough, the site also collected glowing Clarke praise from the likes of Ann Coulter and Twitter bully/exile Milo Yiannopoulos.

The site is not authorized by Clarke, but a political advisor told WISN 12 that the sheriff – in between threatening head-shakers and boasting about taunting protesters – has seen the site and is “humbled by the support.”

The upcoming primary for sheriff will take place in August 2018.